Welcome to the official wikispaces site of the Mulberry Grove School Correspondence Unit.

There's no secondary school on Great Barrier Island and children of secondary age must either enrol in Correspondence School or board on the mainland. A few years ago Great Barrier locals developed a vision that stated 'The secondary school education for students who stay on Great Barrier Island will be equal to any in New Zealand' crucial to this was the creation of a satellite
unit with an attached teacher so that students on the Barrier can physically attend. In 2006 this unit was established at Mulberry Grove School with the following aims:
  • To meet the educational needs of fulltime secondary students on Great Barrier Island by utilising the resources and the expertise of the Correspondence School, in collaboration with a commuity based initiative.
  • To provide face to face instruction daily during school terms.
  • To provide regular physical education and sport opportunities.
  • To provide group and individual instruction and tutoring in academic, arts, e-learning and physical disciplines.
Our unit is currently threatened with closure to find out more check out Save Our Unit

This wikispace was formulated to give our students here at MGSCU a global voice and identity.

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